What we do


Flying is central to our purpose and your cadet experience.

From Gliding Induction Courses to full Flying Scholarships, you’ll have loads of opportunities to take to the skies!

Many RAF pilots began their flying careers in the Air Cadets.


You may have more talent for it than you think.

We’ll give you the training to bring out these qualities.  Show the right aptitude and you could be promoted or be selected for the prestigious Junior Leaders Course!


A key part of the cadet experience is your progress through the training syllabus via lectures and hands-on projects. Set out in stages for you to work through, it enables you to open up more possibilities for activities, specialist technical training and rank promotion.


At first glance it may not seem that drill and parade training serves a purpose, however it demonstrates discipline and shows how organised individuals can be. You need to remember instructions and carry them out accurately, as well as show that you can maintain high standards of dress.

Public parades (e.g. Remembrance Sunday) are our opportunity to showcase our respect and professionalism.

First Aid

First Aid Training is an essential part of our training syllabus and is mandatory for all our staff and cadets.

From simple life saving techniques to full instructional qualifications, this training and knowledge fulfils our obligation to broaden citizenship skills and also equips our people with skills that can be used when things go wrong.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

These awards demonstrate personal achievement, overcoming challenges, and gaining new skills.

The ATC is a leading National Operating Authority for the Award and will give you all the support you need to complete it successfully.


Sports activities play a key role in having fun whilst keeping fit and promoting team spirit. It is also an important part of leadership training as well as counting towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Cadets can take part in a variety of sports and be selected to represent the Wing, Region or even the Corps.

Adventurous Training

AT is an essential part of the training syllabus and the place where team effort really matters – you’ll build new friendships, and learn to rely on the other people you’re with to get the job done. It also lets you show off your leadership qualities.  As cadets and staff take part in adventurous training, they develop and refine qualities such as confidence, courage, fitness, leadership and teamwork.


Fieldcraft is a popular part of a squadron’s training programme, and good exercises are usually guaranteed to get good attendance. Fieldcraft is, put simply, the art of living and moving in the field. Although the Royal Air Force Air Cadets is predominately a ‘blue’ organisation, fieldcraft plays a vital part in most squadrons.  Senior cadets who show strong leadership may be selected to attend the prestigious Junior Leaders course.


Shooting is an activity that many cadets enjoy. Safety is paramount with all ATC activities, but extra diligence is naturally applied to shooting. All cadets are fully trained and tested on handling a weapon before being allowed to fire at any time.  Staff are also fully trained to ensure that the cadets are taught to the highest standard and that the ranges are run safely and efficiently.


Music is a popular part of the cadet experience and many cadets play as part of a Squadron or Wing Band.

Bands are often seen showcasing their talents at ceremonial parades or other public events.

Cadets who show talent could be called up to take part in National Band events, representing the whole of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.